Henley Constituency Labour Party

Local Elections 2021

Henley Constituency Labour Party supports a greener, healthier and fairer future for us all.

Vote Labour May 6 2021

Please take a look at our manifesto for Oxfordshire County Council in the May 6 Local Elections.


Goring Division – Judi Green

Judi Green I grew up in Woodcote and went to Gillotts and The Henley College. Having lived in Scotland for a while, I now live in Whitchurch with my husband and three children. I am a teacher at a comprehensive school in Reading.

Oxfordshire is a beautiful place with hard-working families and real prosperity. Yet I see every day the effects of austerity-driven cuts to public services. State schools are at breaking point, young people are unable to afford houses in the places they grew up in, the care system for our elderly and vulnerable is broken, and the hard work of public servants such as nurses and carers is not valued.

As your councillor I will strive to protect and rebuild local services, sustainable housing policy, a vastly improved public transport network for our villages, and safe and continuous cycle routes and footpaths, meeting Oxfordshire’s environmental target to be zero-carbon by 2050. I will oppose further expensive and wasteful outsourcing of future Council contracts.

I will work to reinstate adequate funding of youth provision and libraries run by paid professionals, a vastly improved system of residential and home care and, my absolute passion, first-rate state education. I will fight tirelessly so that all children benefit from the opportunities that well-funded schools with valued teachers, excellent resources and facilities provide.

I promise to represent residents with integrity and diligence, and to stand up for all those who wish to make Oxfordshire a fair, just, prosperous and thriving society. (Download Leaflet)

Henley-on-Thames Division – Stephen Herbert

Stephen Herbert I have lived with my wife and two sons in South Oxfordshire for the past 18 years having moved out of London to seek a better environment for bringing up a family. I am a Chartered Architect who has dedicated the last 20 years to the design and delivery of hospitals for the NHS across England. The NHS is very important to me and a cherished institution which we need to maintain well-funded, public and free at the delivery of service.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been very hard for many, who have lost their jobs or been furloughed. I am committed to supporting all those in our society especially those who are vulnerable and the young who have been disproportionally affected.

I recognise the issues surrounding the call for HGV through traffic to be prevented in Henley are issues that not only affect Henley but the whole of South Oxfordshire, and I would look for a county wide HGV traffic strategy to be undertaken so as to find a practicable and sustainable solution that does not simply shift the traffic through other vulnerable areas of the county.

As the Henley Labour County Councillor, I will work for all residents to deliver fair and just decisions which will ensure prosperity for all as we emerge from the effects of the pandemic. We must build opportunities for all to find work, especially women and the youth who have been disproportionally affected by the Government’s disastrous response to the pandemic. (Download Leaflet)

Sonning Common Division – Dominic Fawcett

Dominic Fawcett I am new to local politics so I checked the government’s website to confirm what the government is supposed to do.

On every measure of its own list our government has failed us.

Protecting all citizens, effectively and efficiently spending public money, supporting the NHS, education, police and armed forces, managing the environment, maintaining a collaborative relationship with other countries…the list goes on.

I have written to our MP on many issues and never had a satisfactory reply. Is he unable to represent us? …or maybe just a few of us in the guise of all of us.

After a successful 30+ year career, I was made redundant from my job as Managing Director of an international marketing communications agency as a direct result of the economic downturn brought by this government. I have also worked for youth and sport organisations and see the damage done by austerity and our deceitful, self-interested, tax-avoidance & crony serving so called leaders.

I am an energetic and optimistic person. I believe we deserve much better and I think it’s time for reform. I want to be part of that, particularly supporting and promoting women, diversity and inclusion.

Please vote for me in May. I will do my best to work collaboratively and bring positive change to Sonning Common & South Oxfordshire. (Download Leaflet)

Election material for Judi Green, Stephen Herbert and Dominic Fawcett promoted on their behalf by David Winchester, all at 10 Kennylands Road, Sonning Common, Reading, RG4 9JT