Henley Constituency Labour Party


Henley Constituency Labour Party

9th November 2019

Announcement of  Zaid Marham as the Labour Candidate for Henley.  Zaid has lived in the Oxfordshire area for over 50 years and has been involved in politics since the 1980s.  Zaid brings a wealth of experience to the constituency and gives people a real chance of change. 


All Member Meeting

Thursday 19 September 2019 at 7.30pm  NB An earlier than usual start time

Benson Parish Rooms, Sunnyside OX10 6LZ

This month’s meeting will be largely devoted to an antisemitism education session.

JVL (Jewish Voice for Labour) to whom we are affiliated, has kindly agreed to provide a programme which sets the understanding of antisemitism within the broader context of antiracism, and exposes participants to a wide range of views and interpretations of what is and what is not antisemitic conduct or statements.


Henley CLP Meeting – Thursday 4 July 2019 8:00 pm
Benson Parish Hall, Sunnyside, Benson, OX10 6LZ
Members only.

At the meeting 5 motions were up for discussion for submission to Conference.  There were 2 motions on Green Policy, 1 each on Social Security, the NHS and Brexit.  After lively discussions the following composited motion was agreed as Henley CLP’s Conference motion for 2019.

Labour s New Green Deal.

  • To prevent the worst effects of climate change, we must keep global temperature rises below 1.5°C
  • Over 1° C of warming has already taken place, causing floods, droughts, pollution and hundreds of thousands of deaths. The poorest – particularly in the global south – suffer most. Tackling climate change is indivisible from social, racial, and economic justice.
  • The government is deregulating the fossil fuel industry and cutting support for renewables.
  • Labour has supported the climate youth strikes and Extinction Rebellion, pushing the climate emergency up the national agenda.

Conference therefore calls on the Labour party to put a Green New Deal at the centre of it’s manifesto: a state – led programme of investment and regulation for the decarbonisation and transformation of our economy, inequality and climate change.

This will include:

  • Commitment to zero carbon emissions by 2030
  • Rapidly phasing out all fossil fuels
  • Large scale investment in renewables and other safe and sustainable low – carbon technologies with a major  role for a green investment bank
  • A just transition to well paid, unionised, green jobs available for all
  • A green industrial revolution expanding public, democratic ownership
  • Green public  integrated transport that connects Britain
  • Showing solidarity with developing countries’ climate transitions through sustainable transfers of finance, technology and capacity
  • Assuring everyone’s basic rights through the provision of universal services
  • Welcoming climate refugees while taking measures against displacement of peoples from their homes.

In addition it was agreed that the following emergency motion be sent to the Party’s NEC.

Henley CLP notes with alarm the unprecedented over-ruling of an NEC disciplinary panel decision to lift the suspension of Derby north MP Chris Williamson, as a result of a hostile public campaign led by members of the Parliamentary Labour Party.
Disciplinary panels have delegated powers and make their decisions in the light of material presented to them by party staff and independant advice from qualified legal counsel. To our knowledge there is no previous case of a panel decision being referred back to the NEC. For this to happen as a result of  partisan political lobbying is unacceptable interference in the processes the party has been struggling to make faster, more robust and more effective. It amounts to a violation of the natural justice that members have a right to expect in the party’s disciplinary procedures.We call upon the NEC, meeting on July 9th, to reject such interference and to uphold the decision of the June 26th Panel lifting Chris Williamson’s suspension.